Justine Forrest Complementary Therapy,  specialising in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping

I help release your busy mind from unwanted thoughts 

and feelings in a caring and safe way

Emotional freedom at your fingertips

Imagine releasing unwanted thoughts - the overwhelming emotions that make you feel stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt. Imagine putting those feelings behind you for good and replacing them with a positive, rational mindset. Wouldn’t you love the emotional freedom to move on?

I’m Justine Forrest, accredited tapping therapist. Using tapping therapy, I help you to release anxiety or phobia and teach you a practical tool to calm your body’s physical response to panic, stress and worry. It works brilliantly to overcome negative emotions around food, weight management, parenting and relationships too. And its effects can be life changing.  

Sessions available online anywhere in the UK, or in person in North Yorkshire   

Sessions last about 1 hour and are available at offices in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, online (via Skype or zoom) . Sessions cost £50 per hour (online) or £60 in person.

We focus on the issue you would like help with while tapping on the 8 meridian points (we tap on ourselves).  See demo 


All day Tuesday:

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33 High Street


North Yorkshire


What customers are saying:

​I would encourage any person who is dealing with anxiety, whatever type, to contact Justine to chat over their issues.

It is ​​a magical stress reliever.     

        My MS pain has practically disappeared.     

             Fab, I recommend it!       

I feel really different, its amazing.     

 I have struggled swallowing tablets all my life, now I don't even think about it.

I don't have a fear of flying anymore, amazing!

John - North Yorkshire

Janet - North Yorkshire, Christine - Wiltshire,  

Clare - North Yorkshire, Karen - Scarborough   

                        Valerie - Gateshead and Louise - North Yorkshire

I am a member of EFT International ref:18092439, am fully insured and have up to date GDPR (data protection) ref:A8423803.

If you would like out find out more about EFT please click on the link below to the EFT International website

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