Justine Forrest Complementary Therapy,  specialising in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping

About me:

For years, I experienced my own exhausting anxiety. Things got on top of me - a cycle of irrational thoughts and emotional clutter. In my case, it was work related anxiety and a phobia of flying.

I understand how you feel when your symptoms take over – that feeling of ‘fight or flight’. But I’ve also experienced the immense relief of overcoming those feelings and moving on.

The effectiveness of tapping therapy took me utterly by surprise. After just one session, I overcame my 20-year phobia and have since used it to release negative emotions around food, weight loss and work-related stress. It has such a positive impact on my life.  

What do you need help with today?

Today, as an accredited tapping therapist, I help adults all over the UK to overcome their phobias, self-doubt and anxiety, often achieving positive results in as few as 1-2 sessions. It can help with many forms of stress, but I mostly help people to overcome:

• Phobias

• Anxiety and panic attacks


• Weight management


• Pain relief (for example Fibromyalgia or MS)

• Trauma and grief

• Self doubt (particularly around parenting and work)

• Weight loss

• Relationships and forgiveness

Are you ready to put anxiety behind you, and move on? Please just get in touch – I’d love to help.

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