Justine Forrest Complementary Therapy,  specialising in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping

What to expect:

A tapping, or EFT, session is a uniquely positive experience. It’s likely you’ll feel calmer at the end of your session – like a load has been lifted. You might also feel a release of emotion. And it will totally transform the way you think about stress and anxiety.

Taking the first step couldn’t be easier. I’ve developed a reassuringly accessible service that enables you to work with me at my health clinics in Yarm or Northallerton, or remotely - using Skype, or Zoom

Step 1: Tapping – teaching you instant calm

Whether online or in person, I begin each 1-hour session by guiding you through the powerful tapping technique. Learning to tap your fingertips on specific pressure points on your head and body teaches you a brilliant, practical tool to instantly calm your body’s physical response to anxiety. And because you tap on yourself, you’ll find it’s the perfect coping mechanism in any situation where you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Step 2: Talking - overcoming past experiences and emotional debris

Alongside tapping, I also focus on releasing your emotional triggers. You’ll find it’s gentle, calming and tailored specifically to you. This unique approach clears your mind of overwhelming thoughts, giving you the clarity you need for a positive and rational mindset –the emotional freedom to move on. EFT is so effective that it can even heal particularly painful experiences, without you needing to mention too much about them.

We can’t change our past experiences, but we CAN find peace and move on. If you’re ready to put stress and anxiety behind you for good, please get in touch. 

A one-hour tapping therapy session costs just £50 – regardless of whether you choose to work with me in person, or online. Most clients complete their therapy in just 1-2 sessions, though more complex cases, including PTSD, may take a little longer.  

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